Alabama OES Traveling Signet

Where is the Alabama OES Traveling Signet now?

Chapter NumberChapter NameAddressDate Obtained# of VisitorsMeetings
214Athens18071 Lucas Ferry Road
Athens, AL 35611
September 27, 202122nd & 4th Tuesday 7:00 PM



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1. What Is the Traveling Signet?

The Traveling Signet is an award passed among Subordinate Chapters under the jurisdiction of the Grand Chapter of the State of Alabama.  The Traveling Signet may travel to any Chapter in the State.  The Chapter that currently holds the Signet will present it to the Chapter with the most visitors from anywhere in the State at their next meeting (Regular or Special), and so forth.  The goal is to circulate the Signet to as many Chapters as possible, and the Chapter who has had it the most times at the end of the year will be presented the Signet.  The Signet can then be displayed in your Chapter for all to see.

2. How Can My Chapter Get the Traveling Signet?

Take the most visitors from your Chapter to the current location of the Traveling Signet, which can be located above with the Chapter’s information.  The meeting can be a regular or a special.

3. Rules And Regulations For The Traveling Signet:


When your Chapter is awarded the Traveling Signet, you should update the Alabama Grand Chapter OES Website that night to allow Sisters and Brothers the chance to plan a trip to go get it.  You may also post it on Facebook, but please do not forget to post it on the Website.  Not everyone has Facebook.

When To Give The Signet:

Once your Chapter obtains the Signet, it must be given at your next meeting if there are visitors from other Alabama Chapters (It does not matter if it’s a Regular or Special Meeting).

Dual Members:

Dual Members may count towards BOTH Chapters they are members of.  (i.e. If “Sister/Brother Jones” is a member of Chapter A and Chapter B, then when counting visitors to see who wins the Signet, she/he may stand and be counted for BOTH Chapters.  This is left up to the individual Sister/Brother as to how she/he would like to be counted.)

EXCEPTION:  When a member of the current Chapter holding the Signet is also a Dual Member of another Chapter, they may not be counted as a visitor for their Dual Chapter.  They can only be counted when they are visiting a Chapter that they are not a member of.


In the event there is more than one visiting Chapter, and there is a tie for the Signet:

  • If THIS Signet has previously been awarded to one Chapter and not the other, then the Signet should be awarded to the Chapter who has not previously been awarded it.
  • If both Chapters HAVE previously been awarded THIS Signet, then the one who travelled the FARTHEST to get it, should be awarded the Signet.



Where has the Alabama OES Traveling Signet been?

Chapter NumberChapter NameChapter CityDate ObtainedNumber of Visitors
214AthensAthensSeptember 27, 20212
493KennedyKennedyJuly 14, 20215
256RussellvilleRussellvilleMay 11, 20212
214AthensAthensMay 10, 20212
537HuntsvilleHuntsvilleApril 27, 20215
214AthensAthensApril 20, 20213
3RuthBirminghamApril 15, 20215
167Clara BlackmanTuscaloosaApril 6, 20214
3RuthBirminghamMarch 23, 20217
236Louise RichardsonMulgaNovember 7, 2020Origin

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