Cancer Research Committee

Annual Golf Tournament for Cancer Research

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This committee coordinates and promotes charity events in support of Cancer Research. Our primary beneficiaries are the University of South Alabama's Mitchell Cancer Institute and the University of Alabama at Birmingham's O'Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center, in support of the groundbreaking research for the treatment and cure of this dreadful medical condition.
Lisa Gay, PGM (515) (334)
State Co-Chairman
Gary Gay, PGP (515) (334)
State Co-Chairman

Section 1

Jackie Wilder, PM (384)
Section Chairman
Theresa Coplin, PM (416)
Blenda Fadell, PM (207)

Section 2

Terri Waldrep, PM (534)
Section Chairman
Ruby Mayo, PM (181)
Charles Mayo, PP (181)
Loretta Dudley, PM (202)

Section 3

Ginger Owen, PGM (348)
Section Chairman
Shirley Thrasher, PM (468)
Anita Helms, PM (468)

Golf Tournament

Willard Eason, PP (431)
Faye Hood Stewart, PGM, Grand Treasurer (515)
C. D. Self, PGP (236)
John Wooten, PP (181)
Ralph Di Piero, PP (35)

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